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Starts on Oct 24, Vidhyarambh Day

Fees 1460 Rs Including GST*

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Practices Designed By Sadhguru

Certified by IshaHatha School Of Yoga

What includes in this workshop:


  • Learn the root cause of stress, anxiety, and suffering and how to overcome it

  • To live a truly peaceful, joyful, and exuberant life. Take charge of your experience of life and learn to be unaffected by unpleasant people and situations.


  • Simple yet powerful set of 10 practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system.

  • Benefits are: Relieve anxiety, stress and psychological tension, Bring balance to your thoughts, activities and emotions, Enjoy a deep sense of peace throughout the day.


  • Protect and rejuvenate your spine, It has all-around benefits for the entire body, including activating the lumbar region of the spine in a tremendous way to regenerate and protect the spine as one age.



  • Powerful Yogic practice that you cannot afford to miss. This powerful Yogic process boosts immunity and enhances lung capacity.


  • If you follow this regimen 4-5 times a day, your oxygen levels will definitely go up. Sashtanga is an asana, or a yogic posture, in which the body is balanced on eight points in contact with the ground. “In this asana, the entire pulmonary system of the body functions in a unique way. Helps to enhance the oxygen levels and the immune system.



  • Making the Right Food Choices, Practical way of Yogic Diet guidelines, and many aspects of eating for health and vitality given by Sadhguru.



  • Apart from the ten days workshop Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher offers additional 48 Days Mandala support for your daily practices for consistently doing the practices for 48 days without any break.

How the online workshop is conducted: USING ZOOM MEETINGS

Date: 24th October 2023 - Time Slots: 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM or 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM or  7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. You can choose any of the time slot which is convenient for you.You can even swap the timings, For example, if you miss the morning session then you can attend the evening sessions, like you can interchange timings, both sessions are the same. so according to your shifts or convenience, you can do so, But make sure that you'll not miss one entire day.


After Completing the registration, CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR LOGIN LINK. also we ll add you to a whatsapp group for more updates. IF NEEDED connect to Whatsapp +919895780460 for confirmation

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